Stop Ball GAME/ İstop OYUNU

Age: From 5 years old
Time: 30 minutes
Objectives: • Controlled movement • Collaboration with the group • Providing power control while running • Be able to play in harmony with the rules • Improves child’s attention and ability to act quickly.
European Key Competences: Emotional development Organized movement Fast thinking Problem solving
Description: All players are arranged in a circle. One of the children is a midwife. He takes the ball and moves to the middle of the circle. The midwife tells the name of one of her friends while blowing up the ball. Again, he throws the ball in the air saying a friend’s name. If the person who says his name can not keep the ball without falling, he must call “istop” the moment he catches the ball. When the midwife says “istop”, all the children are still in motion. The midwife says a color at that moment, for example, red, children hold or touch an object of color. The children who find color say what I keep. Children who are unable to hold an object with the color mentioned can be shot by the midwife. The first child is the midwife, and the game continues in this way. If the midwife can not hit anyone, he will continue playing as a midwife.

Video: Turkey Outdoor Games: Stop Ball Game (İstop Oyunu)

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