Tree Planting Festival Finland

As our natural growing period is short and most of it we are on summer holiday, we decided to take our pupils to Arboretum Mustila. We visited the same forrest garden during out TM3.

Arboretum Mustila Foundation

Arboretum Mustila near Elimäki in Southern Finland was founded in 1902 as a test site for exotic conifer species. Today it remains a unique area of introduced horticultural plants in northern Europe. Nearly 100 conifer species, more than 200 broad-leaved tree species and numerous shrubs, vines, bulbs and perennials have been planted in the arboretum, covering 120 hectares.

Many of the conifers are planted in large stands rather than single specimens creating an illusion of woods in exotic countries. Stands of hemlocks, Western red-cedar, Pacific silver fir or cathedral-like Serbian spruce are the favourite places for many visitors throughout the year.

There were workers digging in the plant nursery and we got to see how the tree plants are packed before they are replanted.

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