TPM Finland

3rd TPM in Finland 

  The third transnational meeting of the program took place in Kouvola/Myllykoski, Finland from 12/9/2018 to 14/9/2019. The first day began in Saviniemi School where the teachers were acquainted with general information about Finnish history, education and surroundings. Students welcomed the visitors with a play and a dance/gymnastics show and songs. Outdoor games were played as well. In the afternoon we drove to Anjala and visited a youth center and Ankkapurha Culture Park, In the evening we had a nice dinner at the community theatre in Myllykoski which was prepared by teachers and parents. Children that went to meetings in Poland and Portugal were there with their parents, also representatives from the parents association were present. The beginning of the second day we spent at school. Some visited classes and others had a project meeting. In the afternoon we visited Arboretum Mustila In the evening we went to a sauna and had a dinner there, a true culture visit to bathing as the Finns do. The third day began at school with a meeting. Mr. Veikko Niemi customership manager, children and youth services, City of Kouvola was there to meet the guests. After noon the guest said farewell to our students and we took a bus to Helsinki. On our way we visited a newly built Heinsuo school in Hollola. In Helsinki we had a guided walking tour and dinner.   

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