Age: Suitable for everyone regardless of age and condition
Time: Depends on how many players
Objectives: team work coordination and balance be able to play in harmony with the rules motor skills development
European Key Competences: working with others physical well-being strategy Building fast thinking
Description: Equipment:    A T-shirt, sashes for two teams   Set Up: Divide players into 2 teams.  First players from each team stand opposite each other at a distance, the rest players line up behind them. Place the T-shirt in the center of the playing area. Draw the lines.  Directions: First players of the teams  run out to the center and try to grab the T-shirt without getting tagged by the other player. Scoring: The first person to grab the T-shirt and run back to his line without being tagged by the other player scores one point. If the player is tagged, the point is scored for the other team. Each player go to the end of the line and the next pair try to grab the T-shirt.

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