Outdoor Gardening – Portugal


– gardening tools;

– 25 plants/flowers of your choice;

– letters from A to E in paper;

– numbers from 1 to 5 in paper;

– a small bag with pieces of paper (A to E);

– a small bag with pieces of paper (1 to 5);

Age:1st Grade
Objectives:– planting a school garden;- getting to know different plants and flowers, as well as garneding tools;- reading coordinates;- giving and following instructions / programming a path.
European Key Competences:– Mathematical competence and basic competences in science, learning to learn, social and civic skills.
Description:STEP 1 – find a square place in the garden (2metersx2meters) which can be divided in 25 squares (40cmx40cm). Place the numbers and letters next to each column or row, so that you have a double entry table.STEP 2 – ask one pupil at a time to withdraw a letter from one bag and a number from the other bag. The pupil has to find the right coordinate in the garden.STEP 3- From square A1, another student will give orders and guide them (one step forward, two steps left, etc.) until the right square.STEP 4- When the pupil reaches the coordinate, he/she plants a flower on that spot, according to a previously designed plan. They get to know the name and characterists of that species.In the end, your school will have a beautiful garden that children can look after.

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