Diamonds/ Διαμάντια

Age: From 10 years old
Time: 30’
Objectives: Cooperation, Team work, Motor skill development
European Key Competences: Ability to work effectively and collaborate with other team members Physical well-being Problem solving Decision taking
Description: Separate a field in two parts, or use a basketball court. Separate the kids in two teams (4-8 in each team). Each team has its own field. Put 10 cones (diamonds) at the back of each field. Define a safety zone around the cones, where kids can only pass by. Define, also, a place at the back of its field meant forα prison. The purpose of the game is for players to try to “steal” one cone each time from the opposing team, without being touched. If they are touched, they are sent to prison. They can be freed by their playmates, if someone manages to reach the prison and touch them without being touched. When a player catches a cone, then s/he can return to his field without being caught. The same goes with the person who frees a prisoner and the prisoner. They cannot be caught. They just have to put their hands up and return to their field. The game ends when a team takes all the diamonds of the opponent team.
Video: Greek Outdoor Game: Diamonds

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