Destructured garden – Italy

Figure hunting and fraction quizzes

5 sheets for instructions and deliveries
5 rolls of regular and paper scotch
5 rolls of ribbon and / or string
A4 sheets of colored paper (preferably cardboard)
5 scissors
all the resources that a school garden or yard can offer
5 tablet or computer

Age:From 10 years old
The methodology used was that of the Cooperative Learning.s.
European Key Competences:KEY SKILLS TO BE ASSESSED: Mathematical competence, learning to learn, social and civic skills.
Description:INTRODUCTION (10 minutes) Composition of five teams of four / five children (one according to the number of students) Arrangement of the five teams in many learning islands Independent choice, by each team, of a collective name and internal roles: material controller, time controller, spokesperson. Delivery to the materials needed for the game Illustration of deliveries, rules and playing field progressSTEP 1 (15 minutes) Delivery to the goods of the necessary for the development of the game Reaching the agreed point of departure and meeting Start search with a stopwatch Search, definition and permanent highlighting for the garden, for the parts, for the figures, the lines, the segments, the relationships and the mathematical relations indicated in the sheet.PHASE 2 (10 MINUTES) When the time expires, call the teams to the meeting point Examination, team by team, of the figures and portions of space highlighted, illustrated and justified by the respective spokespersons. Analysis and collective discussion. The pages of each team can be discussed and challenged by the others by the mouth of the spokesperson: the diatribe will be the moderator and the teacher will tend to clarify and clarify the concepts of line, boundary, space, perimeter, whole, fraction, relationship, etc. Awarding of prizes related to this first phase of the game.STEP 3 (10 minutes) Transfer of teams in a controlled room of Lim and computer or tablet Kahoot on fractions with multiple choice questions (4) Overall average of the votes of each team in the two games Announcement of the winners

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