About The Project

Outdoors education, which is the subject of the project, can be defined as an
experimental learning method through all the senses by exposure to the natural environment
(Lund, PM; Gaigher R., 2002). Today, it is not enough to educate children independently.
Diversity should be provided in educational settings for children to interact with their
environment throughout the educational process as from early ages. (Sobel, D., 1997)
Through out-of-school instruction as a complementary model of in-class instruction, children
have the opportunity to learn through their hearing in a comfortable environment. In addition,
it can be said that outdoor games have a positive impact on Gardner’s multiple intelligence
theory and can be said to be based on studies in the literature that have created positive
developments especially in the areas of natural intelligence, inner intelligence, social
intelligence and bodily intelligence (Sahin, C. , 2007). We can show that children enjoy
outdoor activities more than the classroom activities , have a higher motivation and more
permanent learning because they learn by doing-living(Civelek, 2016).

The objectives of our project are;

  • To learn and teach outdoor games belonging to different cultures from each other,
  • To learn “how we can take learning outdoor” from each other, enrich its implementation,
    examples of activities and prepare lesson plans,
  • To enrich the outdoor pedagogical infrastructure of our teachers by exchanging information
    with our partners and by observing the schools,
  • To make learning more permanent, creative and fun,
  • To enrich and diversify our educational environments,
  • To increase the sports/physical activities and make them more active,
  • To increase the love of nature and environmental awareness of our students,
  • To raise awareness of students about healthy living and healthy nutrition,
  • By exchanging our experiences and good practises,we can learn from each other
    transnationally. All of the partners are interested in outdoor pedagogy and share their

We are 7 primary schools from partner countries, Turkey (coordinator), Finland, Greece,
Italy, Portugal, Poland and United Kingdom. 42 students and 55 teachers will actively
participate in the transnational mobilities. We will do 4 Transnational Meetings and 3
Learning/Teaching/Training events. With the help of our project, we will learn different and
cultural outdoor games and enrich our educational life of the students crossculturally. We will
have an exchange of ideas about taking learning outdoors, the sample activities and lesson
plans for teaching maths, science, social sciences, language, arts, physical education, etc.
outside the classroom. We will also create a school atmosphere with the students playing and
learning at the same time. We will increase the awareness of healthy students, healthy
children, healthy life styles and healthy nutritituon. We aim at creating a holistic approach of
teachers and students through outdoor pedagogy. Students will both learn and play at school.
They will acquire the knowledge about environmental consciousness and healthy living
(nutrition and physical activity). The students will spend more time outside the classroom and
again they will learn through experience.

We will prepare a “Handbook for Outdoor Games and Taking Learning Outdoors” and
publish it in English and every partner’s language. Also, we will distribute its e-book format
in our project’s blog page and in our eTwinning project. The teachers will learn new outdoor
games and activities to take learning outdoors from there. We will show some photos and
videos in the blog page and social media through facebook, twitter,etc. Every partner will
organize a seminar in their countries to the school principals about the project, its targets,
results and the outputs will be run. Then, the school principals will present them to the
primary school teachers. They will motivate their teachers to use these methods at schools.

As a conclusion, Our students will both learn and have fun at school with outdoor games,
and love spending their time at schools more. As we will enrich and diversify our educational
environments, our students will also learn peripherally and experience different subjects in
different and enriched outdoor places/gardens as classrooms. Students will be more active, do
much more sport/physical activities and be healthier. We aim at our students have beneficial
habits throughout their entire upbringing and in their lifetime.

Coordinator Ufuktepe İlkokulu – Ankara

Merchant Academy – Bristol
Zespol Szkolno-Gimnazjalny – Zakrecie – Varşova
7. Primary School

Istituto Comprensivo 13 – Bolonya
Saviniemen koulu – Kouvola

“Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”